Posted: 9 Noiembrie 2010 in AUDIO, WINDOWS

Record Your Voice / PC Sound Easily

Moo0 VoiceRecorder is a very simple sound recorder.
It is very easy to use, and you can start recording your „Only Voice” / „Voice and PC Sound” / „Only PC Sound” just by one click. It currently supports Wave and Mp3 encoding formats.

Also, since this program can capture any sounds on your PC, you may use it to record Internet radio, streaming music, Skype and even some sounds from your video files.

Wondering about the Skins? – You can check them out here.

Update (11/08):
– Supported more sound cards.

Update (10/31):
– Additional French translation has been added.
– Additional Italian translation has been added.
– Supported more sound cards.
French (Addition) support was made possible by Christian LEFEVRE. Thanks really a lot!!

Italian (Addition) support was made possible by Rinaldo M. aka Whiteshark at Whiteshark. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (10/18):
– We have brought a major update today.
– „View” menu has been renamed to „Setting”, and many new functionality / menus have been added under it.
– The Mp3 recording quality (bitrate) is now configurable. You can now control the file size through this.
– Added 3 kinds of recording timers „Start Timer”, „End Timer” and „Max Duration Timer”.
– Added functionality to discard the first sound / noise when starting the recording.
– It can now start recording from the earlier sounds when resuming from „Cut Silence”. (0.3 sec by default and configurable)
– You can now also adjust the „Volume Threshold” and „Silence Duration before Stopping” for the „Cut Silence”.
– You can now configure the „File Naming / Renaming Rule” for the created files. i.e., you may choose to add such as (yymmdd.hhmm) instead of (1), (2), (3)…
– It now automatically renames invalid filename characters such as „/” and „:” to „_” when they are present in the filename text field.
– Added „Open” text link button onto the interface, so you can easily find the folder / file you have recorded the sound into.
– Keyboad shortcuts (Global Hot-Keys) have been added. By default, you can now start / stop recording by „Ctrl+Space” key. (configurable)
– It can now be iconized into the TaskTray (configurable), and you can start / stop recording without opening the main window.
– Added an option to start the program together with the system.
– The „Start Recording!” button is now bigger and also in the bold font, so you can more easily see / click it.
– The program now changes its icons depending on the state. i.e., Green (Ready for recording), Orange (recording) and Blue (Start Timer is On).
– The interface look is now slightly more organized.
– We’ve also made our best effort keeping the interface as simple as it had been while adding all these new functionality.
– Many bug fixes in order to minimize the chances of the abnormal shutdowns of the program.
– Added support for more sound cards.
– All these updates were made possible entirely thanks to your kind and decent feedbacks. Our great thanks to you all indeed.

Moo0 VoiceRecorder (Free) – Record Your Voice / PC Sound Easily


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